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Danielle Cutler holds one of the Flying Dutchman's gold medal winners

In celebration of our reopening, we are offering these extraordinary discounts.

For six bottles - 15% off
For twelve bottles - 25% off

Can be mixed wines.

The Flying Dutchman Winery will be open for bottled wine and gift sales by appointment from November 18 to December 2.

Please call the winery at 541-765-2553, email us at or call or text Danielle at 541-961-3868 for your appointment.

If you're in Otter Rock, please knock in case one of us is there.

The grapes for our wines are picked up at the vineyards at the moment of harvest and carried over the Coastal Range to the salt air environment of our ocean side winery. Within moments of arrival the grapes are processed.

All of our red wines undergo a second or malolactic fermentation. This is a process that converts the harsher malic acid, present in all wine grapes, to a softer lactic acid. The results are smooth and velvety wines with an abundance of flavor and aroma. These red wines also spend considerable time in oak barrels developing added flavors of vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg. Our red wines are bottled unfiltered to preserve the flavor and further aged in the bottle for six to eighteen months.

Our white wines are barrel fermented and usually remain on the lees throughout the aging process. These wines are always crisp and clean.


Grapes are from:

How Aged:


Red Wines

2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Freed Vineyard,
Umpqua Valley
In oak barrels for five years  $29
2015 Merlot Quail Run Vinyard,
Rogue Valley
In oak barrels for 24 months $37
2012 Claret Quail Run Vinyard,
Rogue Valley
In oak barrels for 5 years  $34
2017 Devil's Punchbowl Pinot Noir Quail Run Vinyard,
Rogue Valley
In stainless steel tanks $25
Dutchman's Red - five varital blend Quail Run Vinyard,
Rogue Valley
In oak barrels for four years $36

White Wines

2016 White Riesling Columbia Valley, Washington In stainless steel tanks $19

Sweet Wines and Dessert Wines

Raspberry Mist Willamette Valley In stainless steel tanks $19
Coastal Blackberry Willamette Valley In stainless steel tanks $19

Discount: 15% for 1/2 case (6 bottles or more) or 25% for a full case (12 bottles or more). These can be mixed Flying Dutchman wines of your choice.

How to order:  Email us or call the winery between the hours of 11am and 5pm Pacific Time any day of the week.   We are open every day of the year except December 25th.

Our telephone number is 541-765-2553
Our e-mail address is

Shipping Costs:  These costs vary due to the different distances involved.  The following prices for the insulated containers and shipping may be used as an approximation when calculating your costs:

1 bottle - $22
2 bottles - $27
4 bottles - $35
6 bottles - $42     
12 bottles - $57

Note: These shipping costs are approximate. Prices will vary depending on location. Shipping costs to Hawaii and Alaska are significantly higher.

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