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Like many northwest wineries, the Flying Dutchman has no vineyards of its own. Wine grapes will not mature along Oregon's coast. Over the years we have developed working relationships with selected Oregon growers who have consistently produced the finest of wine grapes. We know that the best any winemaker can hope for is to preserve what the grower has created in his vineyard.

Stan and Gertie Planchon

Stan and Gertie Planchon in front of their Jacksonville
Vineyard and Oregon home

Planchon Applegate Valley Vineyard. In 2003 we purchased the first harvest of Stan and Gertie Planchon's vineyard. It is located in the Applegate Valley near Jacksonville, Oregon. At the time, Stan gave us some of his mature Merlot grapes to blend with crushing. It seems to have worked well for the resulting wine was inky black and packed with flavor. Since then the Syrah wines we have made from Planchon Vineyard grapes have remained quite extraordinary and each vintage has been a medal winner.

Don and Traute Moore

Don and Traute with vineyard manager Chris

Quail Run Rogue Valley Vineyard. Since 2001 Don and Traute Moore's Quail Run Vineyard has supplied us with grapes from their Medford area vineyard. This prolific vineyard has a long standing reputation for first class wine grapes. True to form, our Quail Run grapes have produced award winning Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Pam and Mike Freed

Winemaker Cutler with Pam and Mike Freed

Freed's Umpqua River Vineyard. We took a chance with this brand new vineyard in the fall of 2002. Located next to the South Umpqua River near Roseburg, Oregon, this "river bottom" vineyard's first harvest gave us some very tasty Syrah grapes. Since the pickers hadn't shown up, we spent the morning picking two tons of grapes - then hauled them to our winery where they were crushed and put away at 2:00 in the morning. It was worth it for our first Freed Syrah gold medal came just two months after bottling.


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